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“We’ll make it last longer”

Vaalmac have developed options for most shaft applications and offers conventional lathe drilling, gun drilling, deep hole drilling, peripheral drilling and also ejector drilling…

Deep Hole Drilling

Deep hole drilling works on the same principle as the gun drilling but is preferred for larger diameter holes (19 to 65 mm), requiring a high surface finish and good hole straightness. It is generally applied where the drilling hole depth is ten times the diameter of the shaft.

Gun Drilling

Gun drilling is the preferred method of drilling smaller diameter precision holes up to 19 mm. The process involves the cutting fluid supplied directly through the drill to deliver cooling at the cutting surface after which it removes the chips through a flute/sleeve around the outside of the drill.

Mobile Spark Analysis

Chemical spark analysis of alloys to identify grade can be performed with our SPECTRO on-site metal analysers we have the portability and mobility to analyse metal at your preferred location.

Ejector Drilling

The cutting fluid is again responsible for cooling and also for transporting of chips away from the cutting edge.

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Fitting and turning, conventional machining and IO/OD welding facilities allow us to operate with multiple CNC lathes as well as CNC milling machine for any profiling requirements.  We also have our own CNC department available for all programming, design and drawing requirements.  Fitting and turning, conventional milling and 6000mm subarc / CO2 welding facilities allow us to offer a variety of solutions to hard working products and components.


Offering conventional turning:
– 900mm swing
– 6000mm length

And CNC turning:
– 600mm swing
– 1600mm length

Milling / Profiling

Offering conventional milling:
– 3500mm length / 1200mm width / 1200mm height
And CNC milling:
– 4500mm length / 1700mm width / 1600mm height

Heat Treatment

Offer three heat treatment furnaces with graphical chart recorders measuring up to six thermocouples each
– 3700mm length
– 1700mm width
– 1200mm height
– 850 deg temp

Boring Mill

Offering floor borer travel
– 800mm spindle / 2300mm width / 1570mm height / 2000mm
rotating table
And boring mill travel
– 5600mm spindle / 1600mm length / 1800mm width / 1200mm height

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